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Our Story

We are former Early Childhood professionals with 24 years of experience in the early childhood sector. In our earlier career years, we served in the Special Education field and are trained in special needs education. 

Having operated our childcare businesses, which are service- and labour-intensive fields, we understand the human resource issues, from attracting the right talent to ensuring good retention, which is essential in securing the success of the service sector.


However, the chronic manpower shortages often present challenges in the daily business operations, which motivated us to transition into a full-time recruitment role. 

ASTUTE TEAM RECRUITMENT LLP aims to be part of the manpower solutions for businesses. We specialise in the preschool sector by providing childcare centres and Kindergartens with quality foreign early childhood educators from traditional and non-traditional source countries to supplement the local workforce. In addition, we are also rendering our service to other sectors to help fill the manpower gaps. 

Our other arm is the Astute Helpers, which caters to domestic households with caregiving needs such as childminding and elderly care. 

A suite of services allows us to provide a holistic service catering to corporate and domestic needs. We at Astute Team Recruitment want to be part of your journey to support you in your manpower solutions.

Astute Team
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