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Why join a Singapore Preschool?

Career Prospects

With the Singapore government investing heavily in the early childhood sector, early childhood jobs are in greater demand than ever. The monthly salaries of early childhood educators have been increasing steadily, making it an attractive consideration for many foreign candidates.

Career Progression

According to a Straits Times report on 13 Oct 2023, more than $96 million has been invested by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in training pre-school educators since 2015, to help them progress in their careers and raise standards in the sector.

Educators are thus ensured of clear career pathways and the emphasis of continual professional development to equip them in taking on larger roles.

Improve Standard of Living

The strong Singapore currency leads to increased earning power, uplifting the quality of life for our foreign educators and their families. With political stability, excellent infrastructure and sound governance, Singapore makes an attractive destination to relocate for employment.


Strong Community Spirit

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and with familiar community support, our foreign educators are able to adapt fast, settling into the local culture with ease.

When you engage our service

Match to Suitable Employer

We will interview you personally to understand more about your career objective, strengths, requirements, personal and professional goals so that we are able to match you to preschools that align with your philosophy, helping you achieve your career goals. We will help you negotiate for fair salaries and employment benefits.

Look for Suitable Accommodation

We provide assistance to look for suitable housing near to your work place at no additional costs to ensure that you settle well into your new place of residence before embarking on your career journey.

Ongoing Assistance and Follow-up

We will continue the follow up with you and your employer even after your placement so that we can help address any issues that may arise after the placement.

Community Support

We provide access to facilities so that you and your friends can gather and unwind as a support to your mental wellness, equipping you to face and overcome work and personal challenges with confidence.


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Coming to Singapore to work was not a difficult decision considering the similarity of both countries’ cultures and the proximity. Food was never a problem though I am a vegetarian. I was able to commute back every Friday evening after work to spend time with my family in Malaysia over the weekend and return to Singapore on Sunday night to prepare for work the next day. I had arrived in 2017 at age 24 and was given many opportunities to hone my skills. My knowledge was enhanced by the courses that my employer had sent me, allowing me to progress in my career. The salary is attractive, enabling me to improve my family’s quality of life. I  am grateful for this opportunity to be able to provide a better life for myself and my family while contributing to the lives of the little ones.  


Xin, 30 years old

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